Counselling Code


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  • Forms a platform for interaction between Management and Students.
  • Instills leadership quality among students.
  • Enables excellent quality of problem solving.
  • Develops situation management when crisis arises.
  • Imbibes environment listening ability.
  • Supports energy filled environment.
  • Enhances effective Communication among students.
  •  Efficiently address the students need.
  • Encourage and appreciate the Accolades (Complements or achievements) of students.
  • The  problems and their grievances can be brought in to the lime light.
  • To indulge the students in organizing, planning and executing activities.
  • To enroll the students to do all the students related  activities in guidance with the staff coordinator.
  • To ensure that the power is decentralized and efficient functioning of the institution is attained by student cooperation..
  • To conduct National Level Technical symposium and other activities.
  • To encourage technical clubs by appreciating active participation of the students.
  • To bridge the gap between the Management and the student community.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Organize functions and many competitions.
  • Conduct periodic meetings for the growth and improvement of the system.
  • Counseling all the students as and when required.
  • Actively involve in placement activities.
  • To conduct more number of Alumni Meets.
  • To organize peer coaching and peer tutoring.
  • To be a liason between Management and the students.
  • To suggest the ways and means to improve students’ academic performance.
  • To find out and to provide suitable solutions to eliminate the dissatisfaction among the students.
  • To be a part of framing academic curriculum as and when required.


Final Year B.E.CSE
Prime Minister
III B.E.Mechatronics Engineering
Deputy Prime Minister
I M.E. Power Systems Engineering
Speaker ( PG)
Final Year B.E.CSE
Deputy Speaker
Final Year B.E.EEE
Academics (Final Year)
Final Year B.E.ECE
Law and Order
Final Year B.E.ECE
Final Year B.E.Civil Engineering
Final Year B.E.Civil Engineering
Final Year B.E.EEE
Final Year B.E.Mechanical Engineering
Final Year B.E.EEE
Transport & Maintenance
Final Year B.E.ECE
Health & Welfare
Co-curriculur Activities
Deputy Ministers
III B.Tech. IT
Law and Order
Members of Parliament
All Class Representatives (UG & PG)



Prime Minister (PM)
  • The Prime Minister leads the functioning and exercise of authority of the Youth Parliament.
  • PM is invited by the President of the Youth Parliament to lead and to organise meetings.
  • The Ministers  work upon to decide the important functions under the leadership of Prime Minister in consultation with the President.
  • The Prime Minister is responsible for aiding and advising the President in the distribution of  the student related activities and functions to various ministries of the Youth Parliament.
  • The Prime Minister may retain certain portfolios if they are not allocated to any member of the cabinet.
  • The Prime Minister, in consultation with the Ministers, schedules and attends the sessions of the Meetings of Youth Parliament and is responsible to answer the questions from the Members of Parliament raised on  behalf of  student’s welfare.
Deputy Prime Minister
A deputy Prime Minister can take the role of acting Prime Minister during his/her absence.
  • The speaker's official role is to moderate debate, make rulings on procedure, and announce the results about the queries etc.
  • The speaker maintains discipline and decorum in the house and has powers to discipline members who break the procedures of the youth parliament.
  • The speaker often represents the body in person and occupies a pivotal position.
  • The Speaker decides on the agenda to be taken up for discussion during the meeting.
 Deputy Speaker
  • The Deputy Speaker is the vice-presiding officer of the youth parliament.
  • He acts as the presiding officer in case of leave or absence of the  Speaker of Youth Parliament.
Minister - Academics
  • To asasociate in the Board of Studies while framing academic syllabus for Autonomous.
  • To provide feedback for the improvement in the methodology of teaching and represent the requirements of the students.
  • To facilitate students in all learning aspects.
Minister - Law and Order
  • To sopport students in legal issues, discipline problems (like dress code, mobile phone usage)
  • To maintain law and order in college.
  • To enhance security systems in college.
Minister - Home
  • The home ministry is a ministry of the Youth Parliament . Its main function  is to  maintain  security & infrastructure and policy.
  • To monitor and avoid  the wastages (food, stationeries etc) for pollution free environment.
  • To help the security people for the surveillance.
Minister - Sports
  • To assist Annual Sports meet.
  • To develop a healthy team spirit.
  • To conduct games for teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • To check availability of sports material and also suggest the suitable  sports material.
Minister - Health and Welfare
  • To provide health tips beneficial  for all .
  • To ensure first aid kits for all.
  • To check the water doctors' working condition.
  • To maintain the cleanliness of the hostel rooms, bathrooms, restrooms, dining halls and canteen etc.
Minister - Co-curriculur Activities
  • To conduct Annual cultural programmes.
  • To enroll students in various clubs and conduct various activities for different clubs.
Deputy Minister - Academics
  • To assist the main academics Minister
  • Takes responsibility in case of academic minister’s absence
Deputy Minister - Law and Order
  • Takes responsibility in case of the absence of Minister
  • To assist the Minister
Minister - Library
  •  Keep the library ambience pleasant and inviting.
  •  Increase the library penetration by enlarging its users base.
  • Discuss the services offered in a library and the procedures for rendering them.
Minister - Finance
  • Proposes funds for common functions
  • Other specialized duties can include maintaining the required official documentation and ensuring the payment and delivery of financial records in a timely manner.
  • Helps students to get their scholarship in time.
Minister - Transport and Maintenance
  • To suggest bus facilities for various routes.
  • To propose for the extension of facilities.
  • To assist proper maintenance of buses.
  • To instruct the students not to misuse the bus.
  • To monitor only the pass holders who can travel by the bus
Minister - Hostel (Boys and Girls)
  • To assist the warden to run the day to day activities of the hostel.
  • To ensure maintenance of Discipline in and  around the Hostel.
  • Any other responsibility assigned by the Warden.
  • To instruct the students about the importance of  the study hour.
  • To monitor the mobile phone and laptop usage during the study and silence hours.
  • Each mess is administered by the concerned mess supervisor along with the students mess committee under the directions from Warden. 
  • To ensure proper maintenance of the rooms and hostel premises