With great pleasure, it is to inform that 17th Graduation Day for 2018-22 UG and 2020-22 PG programme batches is scheduled on 23rd December 2023 (Saturday) at 10 am. We request the above batch graduates to make it convenient to attend the Graduation Ceremony. Batches upto 2017, those who had cleared arrears may also come and collect Degree certificates directly from Examination office on any working day except 23.12.2023.
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DEPARTMENT OF artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is concerned with getting computers to perform tasks that currently are only feasible for humans. Within AI, Machine Learning aims to build computers that can learn how to make decisions or carry out tasks without being explicitly told how to do so. We have research strengths across a wide spectrum of AI and ML techniques. In ML, we develop fundamental ML techniques such as reinforcement learning and deep learning and build applications of these techniques in linguistics, robotics and information retrieval. Our researchers in knowledge representation develop techniques that allow us to capture knowledge about our world in a form that computers can process and reason about. In the multi-agent systems domain, we develop techniques that will enable computers to autonomously.

Artificial Intelligence

The AI field draws upon computer science, mathematics, psychology, linguistics, philosophy and many others.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the learning in which machine can learn by its own without being explicitly programmed.


  • To evolve as a center of excellence in the field of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning by developing technically competent professionals to serve the dynamic needs of the Industry /
  • To evolve as a center of excellence in the field of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning by developing technically competent professionals with ethical values to solve real life problems pertaining to industry requirements and society./
  • To evolve as a center of excellence in the field of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning at national and global level by developing technically competent professionals with ethical values to serve the needs of industry and society.


  • To provide quality education to enhance problem solving and analytical skills in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • To equip graduates, with latest technologies to update their knowledge through unique learning environment and to enable the students to face the challenges.
  • To imbibe new knowledge by collaborating with Industry, Government bodies, R&D Organizations and Foreign Universities.
  • To impart quality and value based education and contribute towards the innovation of computing system and machine learning to serve the needs of society.
  • To produce competent professionals with personal and professional responsibilities and commitment to lifelong learning

Programmes Available

Under Graduate Programme

B.Tech. Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

4 Years


Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning focuses on collecting, categorizing, strategizing, analyzing and interpretation of data. It is a specialised branch that deals with the development of embedded systems like robotics and IoT based applications.

We are design thinkers

Center for Learning and Teaching

center for Learning and teaching




center for creativity


industry Institute Partnership


Social RESPONSIBILITY Initiative


internal quality assurance Cell

supporting pm initiatives mapped with aicte

Design Thinking Based Curriculum & Framework
Design Thinking in Education: A way beyond! We adopt to a curriculum, structured based on the design thinking strategy that support to build character, skills and curiosity in you to learn more.

Our 5 growth building centers focuses on building a culture, focusing on effective teaching and learning, innovation, skill and entrepreneurship development, industry connect and social responsibility initiatives.

Curriculum Aligned with PM AICTE & MHRD Initiatives

Our Curriculum and Practices are mapped and aligned with PM, AICTE and MHRD initiatives like Startup Policy, Internship Policy, Skill India, Outcome Based Education, National Educational Policy, etc.,

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Employment
  • Government Jobs
  • Higher Education
DT Activation Hour

30 minutes of class time is dedicated to teach students about the ancient holy books, practicing Meditation and Yoga on daily basis.


Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the tech sector. And as you can see clearly, the scope of AI has expanded into many sectors, including healthcare, transport, and security. Due to such growth, multiple industries require the expertise of skilled AI professionals.