Doctor of Philosophy

ph.d computer science and engineering

The Ph.D programme in Computer Science and Engineering imparts the knowledge, skills and attitude to do world class research in the area of computer science. Doctorate students are expected to publish their work in leading international journals and conferences pertaining to their area of research.

PH.D civil engineering

With a PhD Civil Engineering degree, candidates are allowed a specialization area. Examples include geotechnical, structures, construction and management, transportation, and environmental. Most PhD Civil Engineering programs consist of coursework, examinations and research toward a dissertation.

PH.D electrical and electronics engineering

Doctor of Philosophy or PhD (Electrical and Electronic Engineering) is a doctorate level course which involves in depth study of various aspects of electrical and electronic engineering. The PhD program in electrical engineering provides students with the opportunity to work with leading, world-renowned faculty members in research areas such as solid-state devices, photonics, image and video processing, and wireless communications.

PH.D mechanical engineering

A PhD Mechanical Engineering degree can open many doors for career opportunities. With a PhD Mechanical Engineering, candidates can specialize in one of several sub-disciplines such as mechanics, mechatronics and robotics, structural analysis, thermodynamics and thermo-science, or design.