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SNS College of Technology stands as a pioneer in the field of visionary thinking. The college continues to excel in both cocurricular and extracurricular activities. One fine example is the successful launch of “Act On a Dream”, this is the largest student body governing council that acts as an umbrella to clubs. AOD (Act on a Dream) is a platform for every single budding engineer of SNSCT. Never before among the students, the revolutionary concept of Open-Saturday have been brought into effect that provides a chance to act on the dream. AOD comprises four main councils which emphasizes on both technical and non-technical excellence. Founded in February 2014, AOD is the largest student club at SNS College of Technology with over 4500 active members. Open Saturday Concept was designed and implemented, where the club members fight the obstacles to their dreams on a daily basis.


  • The main objective of Act on a Dream is to help the students to discover lost dreams and forgotten passions. The other objective of Act on a Dream is to encourage the spirit of belonging in the college by way of conducting club activities and organizing events and fests to bring out the creative side in everyone. 
  • Act on a Dream works as a bridge to narrow the gaps between the college and the real word. It specializes in everything from coding to developing and music to MUN (Model United Nations). Act on a Dream is a daring venture urging everyone to follow their dreams. This is primarily why AOD has something for everybody.





Act on a Dream comprised of four main councils which concentrate on both technical and non-technical excellence.

The councils are

Team Hype: Extra-curricular and Non-technical Activities

The purpose of Team HYPE shall be to enhance the SNS College of Technology social scene by fostering fun and inclusive environments at undergraduate events. Team Hype shall help in coordinating media relations, sponsors for events, cultural, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in the campus. Our mission, through these initiatives, is to foster spirit among members of the student body and make the SNS College of Technology campus a more inclusive and enjoyable place.

Triple Helix: Co-Curricular Technical Activities

The Triple Helix actively recognizes a growing trend towards an interdisciplinary future. So than before, science is being influenced and impacted by legal and societal institutions and century-old laws are being challenged by advancements in technology. In addition, it allows diverse students from around the country to join in a global dialogue that evaluates current scientific issues through legal, economic, cultural, social, and political lenses.

Scholars on a Cause: Peer-to-peer knowledge imparting sessions

It is concerned with the academic performance and curricular excellence of the students enrolled onto the club. Regularly arranging, seminars, Volunteering for informational guest lectures and providing a path for enlightenment through self-help, the scholars of AOD, shall make a difference among the learned masses by not learning just thyself, but to the fellow others who are in need.

Random Acts of Kindness: Social responsibilities and moral activities

It is concerned with creating a kinder and more giving environment throughout SNSCT. Group members will be invested in encouraging kindness and attitudes of giving within the SNSCT community through various activities.

These four councils are again subdivided into 29 sub-councils. Each of these sub-councils is provided with class rooms or Laboratories to organize the events and activities as per the schedule. Except for dance, music, and sports, the remaining groups are assigned with a particular resource person to handle the classes and to make the session much more interactive. Each council has a staff and student coordinator to monitor the sessions. The third Saturday is declared as open Saturday to conduct the activities of AOD.



Students get into the club with the joy of getting to know about how to capture perfect moment with a perfect resolution. The secretary teaches them how to exceed their limits in photography.

MUN Club

MUN (MODEL UNITED NATIONS) is an educational simulation and/or academic competition in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. This being the general idea of MUN, our college MUN motivates the students to think of the issues prevailing throughout the world and encouraging them to discuss and find solutions in a parliamentary method.


The club also conducted a lot of mock tests and helped the students crack it.

The club always proved that every design could work and made way for many research projects.
Photoshop/ Graphics / Multimedia

The club is all about visualizing an idea and turning it into a real design. Throughout these years AOD has played a vital role in taking the creative ideas of students to the next level.

Programming Language

The club has been a great platform for students from various departments interested to learn programming as it is not just a subject but a skill that tests your problem-solving abilities too.

App development

Every application is created out of curiosity but becomes a necessity and this club created that curiosity.

Web designing

Web designing club instills a hope of fulfilling every member’s goal to be able to create an own website to show their creativity to the outer world.

Acts of Charity

The students have been made to be more aware of all issues and were made more compassionate.Humane and compassionate resource persons addressed the students of the respective clubs.The fund raised by acts of Charity had successfully reached the intended.

Tamil Mandram
Students of the college never ever let down their Tamil culture. AOD was a platform for the students to improve their Tamil literature skills
Awareness campaign

Students were also encouraged to be a part of independent not-for-profit organizations like Make a Difference, Bhumi, Connecting NGO and also Rotaract clubs like Rotaract Symphony and Unity.

Music club

Music is an outburst of the soul. Voices have been always strong in the campus. Students synchronize their voice with the rhythm in the club.


The club always showed an extraordinary performance. It’s a never-ending art cherished by all the students.


The club’s sole purpose was to create awareness among the students that some paths are not the only one they could take.


The club activities have been encouraging good designers in sculpting their skills and the outcome was really at par with the professionals.


The club also conducted a lot of mock tests and helped the students crack it.

Literary society

The club’s sole purpose was to create scholars in literature and to make students play with words. It is the place where there is no reality except imagination.


It takes an athlete to dance but it is art to become a dancer. Movements move the students. Every year college has produced many skill dancers through AOD.


The club provided the UPSC aspirants with the best possible resources to crack it and made a lot of achievements.


The students of the club started to get into the field and had a clear vision on current scenario among them.


Drama gives you the truth and the happening of the world in a way that people are drifted towards it. AOD for the past four year trained and entertained the students who are so into this club.


The main purpose of the club is to treasure our state’s art of street play which is almost extinct.

Soft skills/communication skills

Being the club with a smallest group of members, this club reflected the difference even a small drop can make. It has also shown a great improvement throughout these years to put forth the importance soft skills plays in a person’s life.

Foreign language

The members of the club had a great interest in knowing new languages and it is proved that it improves one’s IQ!


Highlights of AOD

Act on a Dream over the past two years has been instrumental in driving students towards their dreams. The success of AOD can be seen in the following clubs.

  • Graphics Club, Web Designing: The members of the club thoroughly understood how to handle graphics and to design websites in a hands-on and practical method.
  • Foreign Language: Mandarin was taught by a student and was found to be very useful by the students of the Foreign Language club.
  • App Development: Fully functional applications were developed and implemented.
  • Dance Club: The students of the Dance Club participated in external events held in reputed institutions like NIT-Trichy.
  • Photography Club: A workshop on Photoshop was organized by the club in collaboration with a Rotary-act club.
  • Awareness Campaign: Students of the club collaborated with the students of the Department of Electronics and Instrumentation Club and participated in an awareness rally.
  • The MUN club has seen a strong delegation that has been to several external MUNs ranging from SNS International Model United Nations, IITBHU MUN, Young Leaders Global Conclave, ANOKHA Leaders meet, SSN MUN, VIT MUN, SIMUN, to name a few.


1 ECE Photography Mrs.J.Jayageetha, ASP/ECE
GATE Mr.S.Sreekanth, AP/ECE
MATLAB Mr.G.Naveen Balaji, AP/ECE
2 CSE Photoshop/ Graphics / Multimedia Ms.S.R.Janani, AP/CSE
Programming Language
App development
3 IT Web designing Ms.K.Sangeetha, AP/IT
4 EEE &EIE Tamil mandram& Awareness campaign Mr.Vijaikumar, AP/EEE &Mr.Anandhkumar AP/BME
5 BME Music club Mr.Karthick, AP/BME
6 MECH& MEA Drawing Mr.G.Tharanitharan, AP/MECH
7 AGRI Green Campus Dr.Ganeshan, AGRI
8 AUTO Road safety Mr.LeonDharmadhurai, AP/AUTO
Literary society
9 AERO Acts of Charity Mr.Bernadette Evangeline AP/AERO
10 MCT Dance Mr.S.Pradeep, AP/MCT
12 SCD MUN Ms.S.Hasma Shruthi, AP/SCD
14 PHYSICS Dramatics Mr.B.Vijai Kumar, AP/PHY
15 CHEMISTRY ECO club Ms.M.Narmadha, AP/CHEM
FLASH MOB Dr.K.Kanagamani, AP/CHEM
16 ENGLISH Soft skills/communication skills Ms.S.Shalini, AP/ENG
Foreign language Ms.R.N.Saraswathi, AP/ENG


Efforts had been taken by Act on a Dream to ensure the smooth functioning of all the four councils. For all the clubs under Scholars on a Cause, the following have been worked upon.

  • Team-building activities
  • Mock Interview
  • Practice sessions for Competitive Exams
  • Practice Tests for Competitive Exams
  • Programmes under E-Club

To help reach the goal of Scholars on a Cause, that is ‘development of the ‘Academic and Curriculum’ performance of the students, by taking them a step ahead to the real time circumstances and creating better awareness’, informative sessions had been organized with experts in the field as the resource person. Placement activities, entrepreneurship development and guidance for pursuing higher studies have also been the prime focus of the Scholars on a Cause.

For Team Hype, the following activities have helped its growth. The primary improvement is the students of Team Hype being proactive in all inter-collegiate as well as intra-collegiate activities. There have been several participants in the Model United Nations from the students of the MUN Club, who constitute the SNS MUN SOC that has been instilled. The students from the music and the dance clubs have successfully participated and won several, if not all dance competitions in and around the city. The following facilities have been made available readily for them to develop their talents.

  • Prompt communication of events to be held.
  • A platform to showcase their skills by way of annual day.
  • Availability of the resources of the college to be utilized upon request.

  • The students have been made to be more aware of all issues and were made more compassionate.
  • Humane and compassionate resource persons addressed the students of the respective clubs.
  • The fund raised by acts of Charity had successfully reached the intended.
  • It was also productive in providing blood for those in need at their request, upon collection and compilation of the blood database of all the students in the college.
  • Students were also encouraged to be a part of independent not-for-profit organizations like Make a Difference, Bhumi, Connecting NGO and also Rotaract clubs like Rotaract Symphony and Unity.
  • The Students of Triple Helix have had a very productive year as they caught up with the fast pacing world of technology and glitz.
  • Applications were developed and understood after understanding the basis upon which each application was built.
  • Open-sourced Android was made use of for accessing the code used for the development of the application.
  • Websites were designed, at first with the help of other websites that do not require any encoding and decoding and they then moved on to coding from the scratch.
  • Other useful tools like multimedia, photoshop and animation were also taught and implemented.
  • A substantially strong team had been built with ample talent available, already in the ready-to-use form, as students from SNS College of Technology who are using their technical skills for the greater good.

All the clubs of SNS College of Technology worked with a purpose, for instance, the Dramatics club of AOD aims at staging dramas with an Indian flavor and to take a break from the Shakespeare & Marlo type of dramas and get into something different that relates to us more than any conventional drama could. Because, why go all Western when you can go all Desi?!