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Computer Science and Engineering

  • V.Kanimozhi of M.E CSE has recieved  the Gold Medal at 12th Graduation day.

  • M.Sneha of B.E CSE has received the Gold Medal at 12th Graduation Day

  • M.Sneha of BE CSE &  V. Kanimozhi  of ME CSE  Recieved Gold Medal  at 12th Graduation Day

  • Rank Holders

  • Sowmya.V has been awarded the "Best Outstanding Award

  • Mr. C. I.

  • Ms.Divya has been awarded the "Best Out Going student Award"

  • International Conference on Soft Computing and Network Secu

  • Chandhini.K, University Rank - 38

  • Karthika.P, University Rank - 36

  • Branch Toppers

  • Initiative towards establishment of COE (Center of Excellence) with iDigiBridge, Chennai

  • Computer awareness program at Governement middle school, Ramkrishnapuram, Coimbatore.


  • Outstanding Achievement - Dr.S.Karthik, Dean/CSE

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  • Computer Science and Engineering

    The department was energizing, provide a very creative environment. The atmosphere was loving and encouraging.

  • Computer Science and Engineering

    I really enjoyed the program, gained a new experience, I loved how faculty participated in everything with the students.


  • Computer Science and Engineering

    Go a head. I love the program. The Faculty members are outstanding.

  • Computer Science and Engineering

    The Department help me build my confidence. It help me to think differently and shows different way to improve my career. 

  • Computer Science and Engineering

    I really felt welcomed, supported and enjoyed my time here.

 Traits of the department

  • Highly qualified & experienced faculty.
  • State of art computer centers.
  • Specialized Labs for Research in Various fields of Computer Science.
  • Well-equipped classrooms with all modern teaching aids.
  • Online assignments, study material for students.
  • Membership of professional Bodies.
  • MOU With International University
  • Faculty and Student Exchange Programs with International University
  • MOU with Leading IT Industries
  • Specialization specific value adding courses and certifications for students.
  • Enhanced industry - institute interaction.
  • Academic Excellence with consecutive University Ranks.
  • 100 Percent Placement in Leading IT and Product based Industries for all the students.
  • Entrepreneurship Cell.
  • Experienced & eminent personalities form industry as visiting faculty.
  • Valued Alumni Committee.
  • YRC, NSS & NCC are appreciated among the Students