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Agriculture Engineering

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The Agriculture Engineering programme and the Department of Agriculture Engineering of SNS COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY have been started in 2016 with a sanctioned strength of 60. The present strength of the students in the first year and second year are 53 and 50 respectively. The Agriculture Engineering department has recruited sufficient number of faculty (Professor-1 and Assistant Professors-5) to offer the courses from Agriculture Engineering discipline. More teachers will be recruited in the forth coming academic year. The following laboratories have been established at present.

  1. Soil Science Lab
  2. Farm Machinery & Powerlab
  3. Biomass ConversionLab
  4. Unit Operations in Food Process Engineering Lab


The establishment of the following laboratories are in progress.


  1. Irrigation & Drainage Lab
  2. Solar energyLab
  4. Crop process Engineering Lab
  5. Dairy and Food EngineeringLab


The department is creating awareness on various aspects of agricultural engineering and its scope to the students. It has been planned to provide hands on training on crop production using tractor operated farm implements in the field. Also, it has been planned to give hands on training through one credit courses like Design and installation of Drip system for crops, value-addition of fruits, vegetables and millets, repairs and maintenance of tractors and power tillers, repairs and maintenance of sprayers and dusters to enrich the professional expertise and thereby enhance the employability of the students. Our students underwent hands-on training at M/s. Escorts Ltd, Bangalore.

The Department is totally dedicated to maintaining a loveable student-faculty relationship to enhance the quality of the intellectual growth of the students. Our students are encouraged to carry out mini projects during the course to enrich professional expertise before taking up main projects. It is also planned to provide internship and training in farm machinery manufacturing industries, drip irrigation manufacturing companies, food processing industries, dairy industries, renewable energy industries, etc. The visits to industries, laboratories in academic institutions are also being planned to gain expertise as well as to continuously update the knowledge in different fields of agriculture engineering.