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department of civil engineering


The DT Based curriculum – R2019 consists of Theory, Theory cum practical and Practical courses, with a total credit of 169 to be earned for the award of degree. The Civil Engineering Program consists of Basic Science courses for 24 credits, Humanities and Management courses for 6 credits, Engineering Science courses for 21 credits, Program core for 63 credits, Program Elective and Open Elective courses for 18 credits, DT CFC / IIPC /SCD courses for 37 credits.

The mandatory courses are structured to impart the students with skills and knowledge required for the current industry requirements like soft skills, internships, latest trends in technology, capstone etc.

The entire curriculum was structured keeping in mind the AICTE guidelines and the industry expectations from the graduates. The design thinking aspect was included in every course to make the students experience the five stages and imbibe the methodology and its solution-based approach.

ph.d holders


Dr.K.Thirumalai Raja
Dr.K.Thirumalai Raja

Associate Professor & Head

Dr. O. R. Kavitha
Dr. O. R. Kavitha

Associate Professor 

Dr. B. Senthil Kumar
Dr. B. Senthil Kumar

Associate Professor 



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faculty achievements

  • Ms. S. Sathya, Assistant Professor, Civil Department have completed a NPTEL course on “Electronic Waste Management – Issues & Challenges” with 98%( Gold Model) as 1% Topper, conducted by Prof. Brajesh Kumar Dubey, from IIT Kharagpur.

our curriculum

design thinking
based educational framework

Institutional courses
dt courses
  • design thinking      
  • life skill development
  • communicative english
  • professional communication
  • personality development
  • foreign languages
  • global business ethics and law
  • verbal/quantitative aptitude/reasoning
  • essence of global culture
dt courses
  • emerging mooc courses   
  • 2 coding languages
  • 2 department specific tools
  • basic s&h courses
  • program specific engineering/ arts/ science/ core/ elective courses
  • 5 innovative technologies
dt courses
  •     mini projects    
  • internships
  • industrial training
  • industrial projects
  • students exchange programme
  • capstone project
  • 4 career tracks
dt courses
  • weekend online practice 
  • coding
  • subject domain specific
  • vqar
  • innovative technologies/tools
  • extra curricular activities
  • yoga/ meditation/ reading/ club activities/ sports/ top contest PARTICIPATION
career DT Courses

4 career tracks


  • Business Model Canvas
  • Business Plan
  • Pitching and Negotiation
  • Finance and Economics
  • IPR Drafting


  • Mock Interviews
  • Personal Psychology
  • Job search
  • Resume Building, Interview Process and On boarding
  • Advanced VQAR


  • Personal Psychology
  • General Knowledge
  • Resume Building
  • Interview Process
  • Advanced VQAR (Govt, Bank, and UPSC)


  • Advanced VR (TOEFL/IELTS)
  • Advanced QAR (GRE, GMAT and GATE)