News & Events: M/s.Auriseg Consulting P Ltd Company (Off Campus interview on 25.03.2024) 02 students placed{Salary Package : 2.5 - 4 LPA}; M/s.StahllformTechnik Private Limited,Hosur(On Campus drive on 08.04.24) 08 students placed{Salary Package : 3-4 LPA} M/s.Silicon House[Unit of NY Systems},Chennai (Conducted Virtual drive on 08.04.24) 04 students placed{Salary Package : 3.6 LPA} M/s.RythmosInd P Ltd,Hyderabad(Company Conducted Virtual drive) 01 Students placed{Salary Package of 3.5LPA} M/s.Veranda | Six Phrase Company( Conducted Virtual drive on 11.04.2024) 04 students placed{Salary Package : 3 -5 LPA} M/s.Lincoln Electric (Conducted Off Campus interview on 29.04.24 ) 07 Students placed{Salary package 2.5-3 LPA} M/s.QSpiders Technologies(Conducted Virtual drive on 30.04.24 ) 09 Students Placed{Salary Package:3.5LPA to 5.5LPA} M/s.SNSiHub and SNS Square P Ltd Coimbatore IT Company (Conducted On Campus interview on 27.04.24 & 29.04.24 ) 26 Students placed{Salary Package 5LPA ) M/s.Zoho Company HR Intern{Stipend : 20 k PM}conducted Off- Campus drive{YOP 2025 BATCH}on 24.04.24 . 02 students placed
department of Agriculture Engineering


The Degree programme – B.E. in agriculture Engineering was started in the academic year 2016.The aim of the Department of Agriculture Engineering is to prepare the Graduates with sound Engineering knowledge and skills to meet challenges in different areas of Agriculture Engineering, namely Farm Mechanization, Soil and Water Conservation, Agricultural Processing and Post-harvest value addition, Bio Energy utilization and Precision farming. It aims to educate the graduates to meet global challenges in agricultural growth. The Curriculum structure of Agriculture engineering department of SNS college of Technology is designed to incorporate the design thinking concepts, in order to prepare the graduates industry ready for undertaking jobs in their career.

In addition to the core courses proposed, the curriculum focuses on the latest programming languages and the current technology domains, industrial training’s and hands on practices to make students industry ready. In this line, the students are imparted with hands on training on the cultivation of crops in the SNS Farm using 65 HP tractor, power tiller and all kinds of farm implements including reversible plough. Also, the students are trained through summer internships in Companies on drip irrigation, Tractor operation & Maintenance, Manufacture of agricultural processing machinery and food products, and renewable energy technologies.

Mini project in 4 different semesters and a capstone project in the final semester are offered to make students learn the problem solving skills using design thinking concepts. In order to make this learning more effective, an introductory course on design thinking is offered as mandatory course in the first semester.

Further, the curriculum paves the way for the students to develop his/her professional skill, personal skill, and life skill etc.

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Dr. A. Velumani

Professor & Head

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Associate Professor

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our curriculum

design thinking
based educational framework

Institutional courses
dt courses
  • design thinking      
  • life skill development
  • communicative english
  • professional communication
  • personality development
  • foreign languages
  • global business ethics and law
  • verbal/quantitative aptitude/reasoning
  • essence of global culture
dt courses
  • emerging mooc courses   
  • 2 coding languages
  • 2 department specific tools
  • basic s&h courses
  • program specific engineering/ arts/ science/ core/ elective courses
  • 5 innovative technologies
dt courses
  •     mini projects    
  • internships
  • industrial training
  • industrial projects
  • students exchange programme
  • capstone project
  • 4 career tracks
dt courses
  • weekend online practice 
  • coding
  • subject domain specific
  • vqar
  • innovative technologies/tools
  • extra curricular activities
  • yoga/ meditation/ reading/ club activities/ sports/ top contest PARTICIPATION
career DT Courses

4 career tracks


  • Business Model Canvas
  • Business Plan
  • Pitching and Negotiation
  • Finance and Economics
  • IPR Drafting


  • Mock Interviews
  • Personal Psychology
  • Job search
  • Resume Building, Interview Process and On boarding
  • Advanced VQAR


  • Personal Psychology
  • General Knowledge
  • Resume Building
  • Interview Process             
  • Advanced VQAR (Govt, Bank, and UPSC)                


  • Advanced VR (TOEFL/IELTS)
  • Advanced QAR (GRE, GMAT and GATE)