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department of agriculture Engineering

student development ACTIVitiES

Various number of student development activities are constantly being practiced in each classrooms, enforced by our Center of Learning and Teaching.

teaching pedagogies

best practices

Integration of technology into education has enhanced the teaching/learning process to a higher level. The effective use of ICT in pedagogy has helped in grabbing the attention of the student throughout the session. Teaching-learning through various best practices such as Flipped Classroom, Role Play, Case Study, Group Discussion, Small Group Learning, Problem Based Learning, Project Based Learning etc., has elevated the level of it.

The best Teaching and Learning practices followed in the Department are:

  • The Department follows the Bloom’s Taxonomy and emphasis is laid outcome based education instead of input based learning.
  • Class room delivery structure includes the following sessions: Warm up, Introducing the topic, Delivery of content, Activity, Delivery of content, Assessment, Wrap-up.
  • Role play/ Group discussions/quizzes/crossword puzzles/Flipped Class room, Z to A approach and various other action learning techniques are used by the faculty.
  • The latest technological innovations are discussed in the classes. Case Studies, Assignments and mini projects are collected from Industry for the concerned subject and they are discussed during the class hour.
  • The interactive question-answer sessions/quizzes are arranged by the Teachers. The online quizzes are being conducted and students are encouraged to ask more and more questions in the class.
  • In order to develop the collaborative learning, the students are given group assignments, minor/major projects and group presentations. In addition to this, industrial training/visits for the students are also arranged.
  • To promote independent learning, the students are given assignments and tutorial sheets. Peer-to-peer learning and project based learning are encouraged as well. The Institute has got well stocked library along with Galileo digital library, the 110 MBPS internet connectivity and Wi-Fi PAN campus facility so that student may access the resources as and when s/he wishes.
  • Collaborative meetings are conducted regularly among the faculty members handling courses for the particular class. The discussions include student allotment for handling the activities, measures taken for student’s improvement, slow learners identification and remedial measures, activities for advanced learners etc.
  • Student’s excelling in participation during the class room activities are awarded with top rank in the Leader board.
An online platform for students and teachers to share and access their course materials
Advanced Learning of Knowledge and Skills

The Department promotes advanced learning of knowledge and skills by the students through the following:

  • The Institute subscribes to a large number of reputed online and print journals in various disciplines. In addition to this the Institute has got a well-stocked library. Galileo Centre for Academic Excellence and Digital Library is also established along with departmental libraries in each department.
  • The virtual labs are also being used by the students and faculty.
  • The students are motivated to participate in the Hackathon and other technical events being held at Industries or other Institutes.
  • It is mandatory for all the B.E. Agriculture engineering students to undergo 15 days internship where they work on live projects/problems.
  • Our faculty organize guest lectures offered by the experts from industry and reputed Institutes.
  • The national/international conferences/seminars/workshops are organized.
  • The faculty and students are encouraged to participate in conferences/seminars in other Institutes.
  • Exposure to latest topics are given to students by means of MOOC portals such as NPTEL, Coursera, Swayam etc
  • The Department has got Smart Class rooms equipped with smart boards and multimedia projectors.


  • Students who have successfully completed their undergraduate program opt for diverse career field such as higher studies like M.E./MBA/MS etc. Similarly, both the on – campus and off –campus interviews are arranged in industries / companies for our students, who wish to procure jobs in core companies/industries.
  • For students enrolling for campus placement, opportunities are plenty. Starting from development of language and communication skills, plentiful programs are organized by the placement To cite afew
    • SCDcertification
    • Training in answering general and technical aptitudequestions
    • Regular On line aptitudetests
    • Personality and soft skills development by proficient resource persons
    • Groupdiscussions
    • Mockinterviews
    • Pre-placement training by companypersonnel
    • Value addedcourses
    • Motivational programs for confidence building and thelike.
  • Students Graduation rate in our Departmentis 92%
  • Student are placed in core companies such as Drip irrigation companies, tractor and farm implements Manufacturing companies
  • Dairy machine manufacturing companies, Modern Agricultural farms, etc.
  • The average salary is 2.5 Lakhs.
  • Students have completed NPTEL courses pertaining to Agriculture Engineering with good score

Personal and Psycho-social Guidance

The Department provides following academic personal and psycho-social guidance to the students:

  • Students are counseled individually as well as in groups for various psychological and emotional stresses and taught coping skills.
  • Faculty mentors are appointed for major projects of the students.
  • Faculty mentors counsels the students about career opportunities and higher education.
  • Students are informed from time to time about career options in diverse fields such as defence services, public sector undertaking job options, corporate openings etc.