Department of Food Technology 

events participated

Students and Faculty members are encouraged to participate in various kinds of research programmes for self up-gradation and collaborations.
international/national conferences
Participation in International/nation conferences helps both students and faculty to experience blended learning environment with multiple opportunities to learn and engage in a wide array of programmes.
Attending professional conferences, summits, workshops and seminars have positive impacts on each individuals and helps them in grooming into a complete professional. They provide an opportunity to develop new professional relationships, gain knowledge and become more successful in career.

PARTICIPATION – Academic Year 2019-20

S.NO Name Type of event Workshop/seminar/Conference/symposia Date Event name
1 19FT004 Anjay Thomasreji Workshop 13.9.19 Manufacturing strategies towards sustainable future
2 19FT004 Anjay Thomasreji Paper Presentation 28.09.19 Reactantz-19
3 19FT001 Abdul Jelani Paper Presentation 30.01.20 AGCA 2020
4 19FT002 Akash.P.T Workshop 21.09.2019 Reactantz-19
5 19FT006 Barathraj Paper Presentation 28.09.19 Reactantz-19
6 19FT007 Dhanush Pradeep.M Symposium 25.09.19 C-TTECHASTRA
7 19FT016 Mareena Joshy Seminar - SIET
8 19FT016 Mareena Joshy Webinar - Ramco
9 19FTO13 Kavinraj.R Workshop 14.02.2020 NIT Trichy
10 19FT023 Ponmari.L Seminar 6.2.20-08.02.20 SIET
11 19FT023 Ponmari.L Seminar 01.06.20 Warner College Of Dairy Technology
12 19FT026 Savithasangami.K Seminar 01.06.20 Warner College Of Dairy Technology
13 19FT026 Savithasangami.K Seminar 4.05.2020 Ramco Institute Of Technology

Conferences/Published In Journals / Participated In Seminar / Workshop/ Events In Symposiums

S.NO Events / Activities Total
1 Papers published in International Conference 10
2 Papers published in International Journal 15
3 Workshop Attended 05
4 Seminar Attended 10
5 Paper presented in Symposium 02
6 Participation in Events of Symposium 01
7 Awards won by students 03
8 In plant Training 08
9 Extra-Curricular Activities 02