News & Events: M/s.Auriseg Consulting P Ltd Company (Off Campus interview on 25.03.2024) 02 students placed{Salary Package : 2.5 - 4 LPA}; M/s.StahllformTechnik Private Limited,Hosur(On Campus drive on 08.04.24) 08 students placed{Salary Package : 3-4 LPA} M/s.Silicon House[Unit of NY Systems},Chennai (Conducted Virtual drive on 08.04.24) 04 students placed{Salary Package : 3.6 LPA} M/s.RythmosInd P Ltd,Hyderabad(Company Conducted Virtual drive) 01 Students placed{Salary Package of 3.5LPA} M/s.Veranda | Six Phrase Company( Conducted Virtual drive on 11.04.2024) 04 students placed{Salary Package : 3 -5 LPA} M/s.Lincoln Electric (Conducted Off Campus interview on 29.04.24 ) 07 Students placed{Salary package 2.5-3 LPA} M/s.QSpiders Technologies(Conducted Virtual drive on 30.04.24 ) 09 Students Placed{Salary Package:3.5LPA to 5.5LPA} M/s.SNSiHub and SNS Square P Ltd Coimbatore IT Company (Conducted On Campus interview on 27.04.24 & 29.04.24 ) 26 Students placed{Salary Package 5LPA ) M/s.Zoho Company HR Intern{Stipend : 20 k PM}conducted Off- Campus drive{YOP 2025 BATCH}on 24.04.24 . 02 students placed

skill and career development

We are keen to shape our young minds through development of Technical Skills and Life Skills focusing their professional development. To achieve this, we have created a center for Skill and Career Development (SCD), which offers insightful Skills Development Programmes to groom students and make them corporate ready. The department achieves the enhancement of employability objectives by conducting intensive process oriented classroom training & by organizing Club of Excellence events related to both Soft and Hard Skills. These classes and events are managed by a well-groomed team from Academics. Students get an opportunity to attend a wide range of interactive workshops, training sessions that help them to recognize, develop and articulate their employ-ability skills for their future success.

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entrepreneurship DEVELOPMENT

Freshmen Activities

Day-1 Activity

  • Inauguration
  • Icebreaking
  • Team forming
  • Crazy picture
  • Treasure hunt
  • Tea for two
  • Stroll around campus

Day-2 Activity

  • Singing competition
  • DT introduction-Five stages
  • DT Case studies
  • DT empathy group activity
  • Fitness or Wellness competition
  • Problem identification and Empathy
  • Scoot Campus & Adventure Games

Day-3 Activity

  • Open Yoga
  • Define and ideate
  • Pitching upto ideation
  • Prototype showcase

Day-4 Activity

  • TED Talk
  • Green initiative
  • Pot luck

Day-5 Activity

  • DJ Dance
  • Encourage laughter