With great pleasure, it is to inform that 17th Graduation Day for 2018-22 UG and 2020-22 PG programme batches is scheduled on 23rd December 2023 (Saturday) at 10 am. We request the above batch graduates to make it convenient to attend the Graduation Ceremony. Batches upto 2017, those who had cleared arrears may also come and collect Degree certificates directly from Examination office on any working day except 23.12.2023.
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department of Mechatronics Engineering


All the classrooms are spacious, well ventilated and equipped with WIFI facility, Newspaper stand and Glass Board. Besides all classroom are fitted with colour blinds to reduce the glare during ICT usage. Overhead Projector with UPS connection for uninterrupted power supply. One – third of classes are equipped with Smart board for the enhanced learning experience. All the classroom also provided with Notice board which displays latest programs and other information related to particular class


A well-equipped computer lab is established for the benefit of the mechatronics engineering students. It is supported by latest hardware and software, printing devices, etc. Engineering Design software are procured for making the students globally competitive and industry ready. At CAD lab, students get professional training on 2D & 3D drafting of engineering drawings using the latest version software. Student will learn computer aided design layout and 3D solid modelling definitions. Students will also gain the knowledge of design and drafting needed for engineering discipline.


The PLC lab contains multiple workstations equipped with computers, PLC units and other interfacing devices to train students how to program and upload ladder logic code. Students program ladder logic code using the RSLogix software, which provides a graphical interface representing conditional computer programming functions such as if/else statements. The lab is based primarily on the PLCs which are widely used in factories and other settings.


Microprocessors and Microcontrollers laboratory helps the students to develop their knowledge on processor architecture and the programming skills. This laboratory houses the hardware which includes 8085 Microprocessor trainer kits, 8086 Microprocessor trainer kits, 8051 Microcontroller trainer kits, interfacing cards and softwares. This laboratory provides hand-on experience to interface I/O devices, perform A/D and D/A conversions, etc., The features and facilities available in this laboratory helps the students to do their projects and enhance their knowledge on the latest trends and technologies. Students from other branch of engineering also make use of this laboratory and develop their skills in the field of Microprocessors & Microcontrollers and their applications.


The Robotics Lab at the Department of Mechatronics Engineering focuses on interdisciplinary research applied to the state-of-the-art autonomous intelligent robotics and human-robot interaction.

Our Robotics Lab is dedicated both to research and education. As a result we are responsible for the academic development of robotics expertise for undergraduates who work closely together with our researchers and academics.


Sensors and Signal Processing Laboratory is well equipped with sophisticated equipment to perform the lab experiments. The main aim of this laboratory facilitates is to develop students technical skills and practical knowledge for their career. The accessible equipment in this laboratory are CRO’s, Function Generators, Pulse Generator, Power supplies, Multimeter and Various trainer kits for different applications. Various sensors like Thermocouple, Thermistor, RTD, Torque sensor, Potentiometer, LVRT, LVDT, Digital Encoder etc. are studied and their practical implementations in circuits are carried out. Signal Processing kits like comparator, DAC, ADC are also used for practical experiments. Other branch students also cultivate their practical knowledge by using this lab in the field of Sensors.