News & Events: M/s.Auriseg Consulting P Ltd Company (Off Campus interview on 25.03.2024) 02 students placed{Salary Package : 2.5 - 4 LPA}; M/s.StahllformTechnik Private Limited,Hosur(On Campus drive on 08.04.24) 08 students placed{Salary Package : 3-4 LPA} M/s.Silicon House[Unit of NY Systems},Chennai (Conducted Virtual drive on 08.04.24) 04 students placed{Salary Package : 3.6 LPA} M/s.RythmosInd P Ltd,Hyderabad(Company Conducted Virtual drive) 01 Students placed{Salary Package of 3.5LPA} M/s.Veranda | Six Phrase Company( Conducted Virtual drive on 11.04.2024) 04 students placed{Salary Package : 3 -5 LPA} M/s.Lincoln Electric (Conducted Off Campus interview on 29.04.24 ) 07 Students placed{Salary package 2.5-3 LPA} M/s.QSpiders Technologies(Conducted Virtual drive on 30.04.24 ) 09 Students Placed{Salary Package:3.5LPA to 5.5LPA} M/s.SNSiHub and SNS Square P Ltd Coimbatore IT Company (Conducted On Campus interview on 27.04.24 & 29.04.24 ) 26 Students placed{Salary Package 5LPA ) M/s.Zoho Company HR Intern{Stipend : 20 k PM}conducted Off- Campus drive{YOP 2025 BATCH}on 24.04.24 . 02 students placed

student development ACTIVitiES

Various number of student development activities are constantly being practiced in each classrooms, enforced by our Center of Learning and Teaching.

teaching pedagogies

best practices

Integration of technology into education has enhanced the teaching/learning process to a higher level. The effective use of ICT in pedagogy has helped in grabbing the attention of the student throughout the session. Teaching-learning through various best practices such as Flipped Classroom, Role Play, Case Study, Group Discussion, Small Group Learning, Problem Based Learning, Project Based Learning etc., has elevated the level of it.

An online platform for students and teachers to share and access their course materials

  • Outbound Training given to students to keep them mentally fit
  • Implementing Design Thinking mode of Learning
  • Kahoot Assessment
  • Debate on Current Topics
  • ICT enabled Classrooms and Teaching
  • Well developed curriculum and advanced learning materials through an online platform Courseware
  • Technical game play in current topics
  • Demo models for practical exposure
  • Adopting Bloom’s Taxonomy for deep learning and understanding
  • Providing students with all materials needed to complete an assignment
  • Defining clear classroom and assignment expectations and procedures
  • Presenting the goal and objective for each assignment
  • Encouragement and positive feedback to students
  • Allowing students to keep track of their learning progress
  • Accessibility of students via electronic communication
  • Monitoring student work
  • Allowing students to progress through assignments at their own pace
  • Providing help to understand and practice new knowledge
  • Allowing students to ask questions during online courses/assignments
  • Solutions-based teaching to solve problems
  • Supported by a collection of strategies and methods.
  • Develop empathy and understand the needs of the people we are designing solutions for.
  • Define problems and opportunities for designing solutions.
  • Generate and visualize creative ideas.
  • Develop prototypes.
  • Evaluate and test their designed solutions.
  • Learning Through Argumentation
  • Incidental Learning
  • Computational Thinking
  • Class Room Delivery Structure Description with photos & Links for sample
  • SNS Courseware
  • Teachers Manual and Workbook
  • Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • CO Assessment
  • Project-Based Learning, Problem Based Learning, Activity Based Learning, Google Class
  • Room and Onsite Teaching
  • Gallery Walk, Game-Based Learning, Mind mapping chart, Industry based case study 


Every student right from the first year are given personal care through tailored activities with a specially assigned mentor. Talent search and personality identification of each student is done at large and they are taught, trained, challenged and guided in a systematic progression. From the first year onwards, students are encouraged and guided to be globally competent through various competition and challenging forums. The capable students are also given the opportunity to customise the courses that they learn by hand picking electives. There are also means by which the student can even choose who would teach a specific course to increase the faculty-student interaction and understanding. Through personal mentorship programme, each student is given special and individual care to help them grow and mature in academic, social and personal skills and talents. At the end of the four years, it is made sure that every student progress in systematic, customized and challenging manner in all need knowledge and skills to sets.

The student progression is monitored by keeping a record of all the activities like attendance & assessment for each course by the respective faculty. Apart from the mentoring system, the students’ progress is monitored through class tests, online quizzes, assignments, development of teaching material for specific topics, submission of journal abstracts of current status of the technology, by making them attend conferences/seminar/webinars on relevant topics. This exercise makes them involve themselves and makes them proceed beyond communication barriers, rural/ urban background and get a sense of team work. Slow and fast learners are identified and special work or coaching are given.