internal quality assurance cell

IQAC looks after the department’s academic and administrative activities and is recognized as an advisory board for quality system planning , development and implementation. The execution of the perspective strategy guarantees that the internal quality control processes are consistent with the criteria of the applicable international quality control agencies / regulator authorities.

Benefits of

department iqac

As per UGC norms, the departmental IQAC team
  • Ensure heightened level of clarity and focus in institutional functioning towards quality enhancement
  • Ensure internalization of the quality culture
  • Ensure enhancement and integration among the various activities of the college and good practices
  • Provide a sound basis for decision-making to improve institutional functioning
  • Act as a dynamic system for quality changes in the Colleges
  • Build an organized methodology of documentation and internal communication



IQAC Coordinator


  • IQAC Coordinator
  • Academic Coordinator
  • Teaching Coordinator
  • Placement coordinator
  • Staff Support Coordinator
  • Research Coordinator
  • IIPC Coordinator
  • Department Activity coordinator
  • Exam Cell coordinator
  • Student activity coordinator
  • Alumni & Scholarship Coordinator
  • Website Coordinator
  • Infrastructure Coordinator
  • Department Coordinator
  • ERP Coordinator


SI.No. Faculty Team Responsibility
1 Mr.K.Prakash – IQAC Coordinator Coordinates and monitor all aspects of department, Faculties and students growth. Conducting and coordinating End semester Audits and other audits by submitting all files and documents.
2 Dr.T.Prakash, Dr. Sowmiya– Academic Coordinator Coordinates academic activities including conducting annual review meeting, preparation of department annual calendar, time-table , maintaining class committee meetings records,
3 Dr.G.Tharanitharan – Teaching Coordinator Coordinates and monitor teaching related activities, Monitoring Achievers and their remedial classes, collecting teachers manual and updating demo models in the department
4 Mr.B.karthik – Placement coordinator
  • Identifying Potential Companies for Campus Placement Drive
  • Establishing new contacts with HR
  • Arranging department level placement drives
  • Preparing students for on/off campus interviews
  • 5 Mr.M.Mohamed Ariffudeen – Staff Support Coordinator Give information about FDPs, STTPs and other government programs, collecting and maintaining database about faculties achievements, awards and other details to the IQAC
    6 Mr.C.Senthil kumar – Research Coordinator The role of Research co coordinator is to accelerate the research activity among the students and students in the department, providing assistance to the students in all possible means for their research/ innovative ideas. Further, inculcate the habit of publishing article and carrying out the research project/ patents either through seed money or Government funded project among students through the faculty members. And helping students and faculty members to attend industry institute interaction for an accountable research outcome with possible professional membership in ISTE , IE(I) Etc.
    7 Mr.V.Karthik – IIPC Coordinator
  • Mou signing with various industries and foreign universities
  • Arranging Industrial visit by the students and faculty
  • Arranging Industrial guest lecture,in-plant training and internship for the students
  • Industrial related projects.
  • Coordinates to establish industry-institute relationship through MOUs, organizing industrial visits, internships, consultancy activities and implant training’s.
    8 Mr.P.Dhivya Kumar – Department Activity coordinator Organizing events like Guest Lecture, Workshop, Seminars. Selecting association Executive members for conducting the departmental activities. Coordinating the members towards department functions.
    9 Mr.M.K.Rahgul Poopathi – Exam coordinator As an exam coordinator role is to consolidate the end semester result of all the classes and star of semester, to conduct the internal examination, End semester practical exam, to circulate the exam related schedule to the students, revaluation photocopy documents to be maintained
    10 Mr.P.Janagarathinam – Student activity coordinator Student activities coordinators assist student events, activities and programs related co curricular activities.
    11 Dr.Kaushik – Alumni & schloarship Coordinator Maintains a good relationship with all the department Alumni and updating scholarship details to the department
    12 Mr.T.Pravin – Website Coordinator Maintains the department website with all up-to-date news and information.
    13 Dr.V.S.kausik – Infrastructure Coordinator Maintains the order of system and infrastructure of the department.
    14 Mr.R.Karthikeyan – Department Coordinator Coordinating all department activities in all aspects & circulating the information to all department faculties
    15 Mr.A.vetrivel – ERP Coordinator maintain the Database of all students and supports the department faculties to use ERP software.