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Updated: 13 min 39 sec ago

Exposing the Power Vampires in Self-Driving Cars

Thu, 2018-02-15 20:18

Autonomous driving systems give cars eco-driving skills. But their computers and sensors could consume enough electricity to negate this green dividend.

Drone Delivery, If Done Right, Could Cut Emissions

Wed, 2018-02-14 01:30

To make drone package delivery green, look at drone size, electricity source, and warehouses, researchers say

Simple, Energy-Efficient Recycling Process for Lithium-Ion Batteries

Mon, 2018-01-29 19:30

A new recycling process requires half the energy of conventional techniques and produces ready-to-use cathode materials

Utilities Bury More Transmission Lines to Prevent Storm Damage

Fri, 2018-01-26 21:30

Facing hurricanes and public opposition to overhead lines, utilities are paying extra to go underground

The Dawn of Solar Windows

Thu, 2018-01-25 01:30

Future skyscrapers will harvest energy from the sun with photovoltaic windows

It’s Time for Electric Companies to Pivot

Fri, 2018-01-19 19:30

U.S. demand for electricity has slumped; utilities should shift their focus to renewables and efficiency consulting

CES 2018: Zero Mass Wants to Get Water Off the Grid and Onto Your Roof

Fri, 2018-01-12 03:37

Move over solar, Zero Mass Water thinks there’s room on the roof for a new kind of panel—one that creates water from sun and air

The United Arab Emirates’ Nuclear Power Gambit

Thu, 2018-01-04 21:30

The oil state readies the Arabian Peninsula’s first nuclear power plant

The Netherlands Confronts a Carbon Dilemma: Sequester or Recycle?

Tue, 2017-12-26 21:30

Public opposition to sequestration will make it harder to reach the country’s carbon reduction goal

Automatic Circuit Reclosers Probed as Potential Cause of California Fires

Fri, 2017-12-22 00:00
California utilities have not maxed out advanced technology and safer practices to reduce fire risk from downed power lines

Floating Solar Rig Produces Hydrogen Fuel

Tue, 2017-12-19 02:30

A new device uses solar-powered electrolysis to separate hydrogen from seawater without any membranes or pumps

How to Build a More Resilient Power Grid

Thu, 2017-12-14 19:30

During big storms, falling trees cause more damage to power grids than strong winds

$17 Billion Modernization Plan for Puerto Rico's Grid Is Released

Wed, 2017-12-13 03:30

The plan adds details and cost estimate to what was outlined earlier to Energywise by a senior official who oversaw the report's development.

New Analysis of Lithium-Ion Batteries Shows How to Pack in More Energy

Tue, 2017-12-12 15:30

For the first time, scientists have studied the atomic structure of lithium-rich cathodes while they're charging

Plans Emerge to Rebuild Puerto Rico's Electric Grid

Wed, 2017-12-06 20:30

A soon-to-be-released plan is likely to feature micro-grids and distributed generation

Modeling and Simulation for Meeting the Challenges of Battery Design

Wed, 2017-12-06 10:30

The biggest challenges for battery design are energy density, power density, charging time, life, cost, and sustainability. Modeling and simulation are very efficient methods that can assist researchers, developers, and designers in meeting these challenges.

7 Things About Life in Puerto Rico with No Electricity

Tue, 2017-12-05 02:00

A Puerto Rican solar engineer reflects on the struggles of daily life after Hurricane Maria

Frequency-Modulated Charge Pumping for Highly Leaky MOS Devices

Mon, 2017-12-04 19:00
This webinar will discuss the frequency-modulated charge pumping methodology, in which conventional quasi-dc charge pumping is transformed into a true ac measurement.

Modular Power Blocks Snap Together to Scale Up Energy Needs in Remote Areas

Fri, 2017-12-01 19:30

A microgrid solution that uses a swarm intelligence algorithm could finally electrify rural Africa

Battery Storage Will Offer Grid Support as Puerto Rico Recovers

Wed, 2017-11-29 02:30

Storage batteries are gaining credibility as a reliable and rapidly deployable technology. Recent disasters play to the technology's strengths