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Fiat Chrysler recalls 4.8 million vehicles that could get stuck in cruise control

Fri, 2018-05-25 18:44
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US car tariffs: Which countries have the most to lose?

Thu, 2018-05-24 23:38
The threat of a new US tax on imports of cars and auto parts is a threat to the global car industry. But some have more to lose than others.

Germany's second biggest city is starting to ban diesel cars

Wed, 2018-05-23 18:19
Hamburg will ban older diesel cars and trucks from a main road in the center of the city on May 31.

The danger of keyless cars: What you need to know

Tue, 2018-05-15 03:57
A car left running in the garage can lead to tragedy -- and it can happen surprisingly easily.

New diesel scandal? German officials investigate Audi

Tue, 2018-05-08 19:33
German officials are investigating Volkswagen's luxury Audi brand on suspicion that it installed illegal emissions software in its A6 and A7 diesel models.

Porsche exec arrested over Volkswagen's 'Dieselgate'

Fri, 2018-04-20 21:53
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Britain's biggest carmaker cuts 1,000 jobs

Mon, 2018-04-16 16:49
Jaguar Land Rover is cutting 1,000 jobs at its Birmingham factory as Brexit and a diesel backlash causes sales to slump.

Volkswagen names new CEO in sudden shift

Fri, 2018-04-13 00:07
Volkswagen brand chief Herbert Diess will take over for group CEO Matthias Mueller.

Ford and GM to get hit by Trump's tariffs -- but not as badly as feared?

Mon, 2018-03-12 21:35
One Wall Street analyst recently suggested that profits for GM and Ford could fall by $1 billion due to tariffs on steel and aluminum.

'Booth babes' are vanishing from auto shows

Fri, 2018-03-09 22:05
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Why Trump's threat to tax European cars won't work

Mon, 2018-03-05 23:40
President Trump has threatened to slap a new tax on vehicles made by European carmakers, a move he suggests would help reduce the trade deficit.

What you don't know about your credit card interest rates

Tue, 2018-02-27 01:40
Your variable interest rate will rise when the Fed raises rates -- and your bank doesn't have to tell you.