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Charles Petrie: Giving Burning Man Its Wings

Wed, 2018-06-20 00:30

For one week a year, a patch of desert becomes one of Nevada’s busiest airports

Swarm Seeks Fresh FCC Satellite Launch Clearance While Still in Penalty Box

Wed, 2018-06-13 18:17

The startup that launched four satellites without permission in January has filed a new application

Prototype Electric Plane Built by Siemens and Magnus Aircraft Crashes in Hungary, Killing Both People on Board

Tue, 2018-06-05 01:00

Earlier this year the late pilot had taken our reporter up for a spin in same model, the Magnus eFusion

Hybrid Electric Airliners Will Cut Emissions—and Noise

Sat, 2018-06-02 00:30

Electric propulsion will develop in the air as it did on the ground, by initially using batteries to assist a fuel-burning generator

Drone Delivery Becomes a Reality in Remote Pacific Islands

Thu, 2018-05-31 18:19

In Vanuatu, delivery drones will fly vaccines to isolated villages beginning in September

Testing and Simulation to Achieve FAA Certification of Aircraft Fuel Tanks to Lightning

Thu, 2018-05-31 03:00
This webinar provides a detailed background to the regulation for aircraft fuel tank ignition prevention and reviews some activities that are essential to having an efficient, cost-effective compliance method that harmonizes with the current FAA policy.

4 Critical Tests for a New Spacecraft That Will Clean Up Space Debris

Fri, 2018-05-25 20:30

A European mission will test whether nets and harpoons can capture and remove space junk

Spying on a Storm's Infrasonic Signals to Improve Tornado Warnings

Tue, 2018-05-08 17:30

Monitoring the infrasonic waves that precede tornadoes could produce earlier, more accurate warnings

Facebook May Have Secret Plans to Build a Satellite-Based Internet

Wed, 2018-05-02 19:35

Public filings suggest the social media giant is quietly developing orbital tech to rival efforts by SpaceX and OneWeb to deliver Internet by satellite

Zunum Aero’s Hybrid Electric Airplane Aims To Rejuvenate Regional Travel

Fri, 2018-04-27 01:44

The startup is building short-haul aircraft for Boeing and JetBlue that combine gas turbines and batteries

Why Your GPS Receiver Isn’t Bigger Than a Breadbox

Fri, 2018-04-20 00:30

Bradford W. Parkinson shepherded the first GPS constellation to launch, and pushed for civilian access

Charles Trimble Bet His Company on GPS—and Won

Thu, 2018-04-19 22:22

This former HP engineer started his own company to exploit the newest free resource—the Global Positioning Satellite system

For GPS, Also Thank Ivan Getting; He Got "the Damn Thing Funded"

Thu, 2018-04-19 20:03

The founding president of the Aerospace Corp. was the force behind the Navstar global positioning system of satellites

The FCC’s Big Problem with Small Satellites

Wed, 2018-04-11 01:00

Confusion and erratic enforcement at the US communications agency is sending satellite makers abroad

Soaring ‘SuperTowers’ Aim to Bring Mobile Broadband to Rural Areas

Thu, 2018-04-05 02:02

One tethered, autonomous aerostat flying at 250 meters can provide as much coverage as 20 or 30 cell towers

Fiber Lasers Mean Ray Guns Are Coming

Tue, 2018-03-27 20:30

A clever configuration of industrial lasers is set to finally make laser weapons practical

Russian Astronauts Prepare to Bring the 'Internet of Animals' Online

Wed, 2018-03-21 21:30

The Icarus project will track tens of thousands of animals from the International Space Station

Why Did Swarm Launch Its Rogue Satellites?

Wed, 2018-03-21 03:00

Silicon Valley start-up’s SpaceBees are being tracked on orbit, but they could be the company’s last

The Nexus Linking IBM, California Wine, and Climate Modeling

Tue, 2018-03-13 18:30

If this were a “Jeopardy” clue, the category would be “IoT” and the answer would be “Who is physicist Hendrik Hamann?”

SXSW 2018: Looking For Life on Europa, Enceladus, and Titan

Mon, 2018-03-12 20:30

NASA scientists rethink the "habitable zone"