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Can radar replace stethoscopes?

Tue, 2018-08-14 19:45
Electronic engineers have developed a procedure for reliably detecting and diagnosing heart sounds using radar. In future, mobile radar devices could replace conventional stethoscopes and permanent touch-free monitoring of patients' vital functions could be possible using stationary radar devices.

Flipping the switch on supramolecular electronics

Tue, 2018-08-14 19:44
Engineers have successfully combined photoswitchable molecular lattices with layered materials to create new high-performance devices that show macroscopic responses to light.

Long-sought carbon structure joins graphene, fullerene family

Tue, 2018-08-14 04:31
Scientists have been playing with pure carbon compounds for centuries, starting with diamond and graphite and now with fullerenes, nanotubes and graphene. One type of 3D geometry has been missing, however: a negatively curved carbon-cage surface called schwarzite. Chemists have now shown that serendipitously produced materials called zeolite-templated carbons are in fact the long-sought schwarzites. Their recipe for making schwarzites could make them practical in electronics and gas storage.

Thermal switch discovered in engineered squid-based biomaterials

Mon, 2018-08-13 23:03
Tuning materials for optimal optical and electrical properties is becoming commonplace. Now, researchers and manufacturers may be able to tune materials for thermal conductivity by using a squid-inspired protein made of multiple DNA repeats.

'Building up' stretchable electronics to be as multipurpose as your smartphone

Mon, 2018-08-13 21:03
By stacking and connecting layers of stretchable circuits on top of one another, engineers have developed an approach to build soft, pliable '3D stretchable electronics' that can pack a lot of functions while staying thin and small in size.

Amazingly 'green' synthesis method for high-tech dyes

Fri, 2018-08-10 18:45
Dyes that are also of great interest for organic electronics have recently been prepared and crystallized. All that is required is just water, albeit under highly unusual conditions.

Quantum chains in graphene nanoribbons

Thu, 2018-08-09 20:54
Researchers have achieved a breakthrough that could in future be used for precise nanotransistors or -- in the distant future -- possibly even quantum computers, as the team reports.

Introducing the latest in textiles: Soft hardware

Wed, 2018-08-08 23:13
Researchers have incorporated electronic devices into soft fabrics, potentially making it possible to produce clothing that communicates optically with other devices.

Tying down electrons with nanoribbons

Wed, 2018-08-08 23:12
Nanoribbons are promising topological materials displaying novel electronic properties. Chemists and physicists have found a way to join two different types of nanoribbon to create a topological insulator that confines single electrons to the junction between them. Alternating nanoribbon types create a chain of interacting electrons that act as metals, insulators or interacting spins -- qubits for a quantum computer -- depending on separation. This opens the door to designer materials with unique quantum properties.

Scientists create biodegradable, paper-based biobatteries

Wed, 2018-08-08 23:11
The batteries of the future may be made out of paper. Researchers have created a biodegradable, paper-based battery that is more efficient than previously possible.

Expanding the limits of Li-ion batteries: Electrodes for all-solid-state batteries

Mon, 2018-08-06 20:13
Scientists have addressed one of the major disadvantages of all-solid-state batteries by developing batteries with a low resistance at their electrode/solid electrolyte interface. The fabricated batteries showed excellent electrochemical properties that greatly surpass those of traditional and ubiquitous Li-ion batteries; thereby, demonstrating the promise of all-solid-state battery technology and its potential to revolutionize portable electronics.

Concepts for new switchable plasmonic nanodevices

Mon, 2018-08-06 19:22
Plasmonic waveguides open the possibility to develop dramatically miniaturized optical devices and provide a promising route towards the next-generation of integrated nanophotonic circuits for information processing, optical computing and others. Key elements of nanophotonic circuits are switchable plasmonic routers and plasmonic modulators.

New technique uses templates to guide self-folding 3D structures

Thu, 2018-08-02 01:26
Researchers have developed a new technique to control self-folding three-dimensional (3D) structures. Specifically, the researchers use templates to constrain deformation in certain selected areas on a two-dimensional structure, which in turn dictates the resulting 3D structure of the material.

First-of-its-kind material for the quantum age

Wed, 2018-08-01 21:20
A physicist has discovered a new material that has the potential to become a building block in the new era of quantum materials, those that are composed of microscopically condensed matter and expected to change our development of technology.

3D printing the next generation of batteries

Tue, 2018-07-31 01:33
3D printing can be used to manufacture porous electrodes for lithium-ion batteries -- but because of the nature of the manufacturing process, the design of these 3D printed electrodes is limited to just a few possible architectures. Until now, the internal geometry that produced the best porous electrodes through additive manufacturing was what's known as an interdigitated geometry -- metal prongs interlocked like the fingers of two clasped hands, with the lithium shuttling between the two sides.

'Smart' machine components alert users to damage and wear

Tue, 2018-07-31 01:17
Scientists have used advanced additive manufacturing technology to create 'smart' machine components that alert users when they are damaged or worn.

Optical neural network demo

Sat, 2018-07-28 18:11
Researchers have made a silicon chip that distributes optical signals precisely across a miniature brain-like grid, showcasing a potential new design for neural networks.

Excitons: Taking electronics into the future

Thu, 2018-07-26 18:28
Researchers have developed a transistor based on excitons -- a type of particle most people have not heard of -- that is able to function at room temperature. This breakthrough could lead to a new breed of faster, more energy efficient and smaller electronics.

Scientists unlock the properties of new 2D material

Wed, 2018-07-25 05:06
A new two-dimensional material has become a reality, thanks to scientists. The research succeeded in the first experimental realization and structural investigation of single-layer vanadium disulphide (VS2).

Blasting tiny craters in glass, creating material to miniaturize telecommunication devices

Tue, 2018-07-24 21:13
Modern communication systems often employ optical fibers to carry signals across or between devices, combining more than one function into a single circuit. However, signal transmission requires long optical fibers, which makes miniaturizing the device difficult. Instead of long optical fibers, scientists have started testing planar waveguides. Investigators now report on a laser-assisted study of a type of glass that shows promise as a material for broadband planar waveguide amplifiers.