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Joshua Samuel G

Period of Study : 


“Life as a SNSCT student is unique in its own right. Here studies are perfectly balanced with extra-curricular to achieve overall development of the students. The professors here are all experts in their respective fields and as such are able to provide excellent technical knowledge to the students. This backed by an excellent infrastructure ensures that as students, we get the best and latest technical knowledge. But what sets us as SNSCT-ians apart is that, we also possess the more abstract skill sets like communication, teamwork and leadership skills that are an absolute necessity for success. At SNSCT we are given a choice of wide variety of extracurricular activities from organising national level Symposiums, Seminars & various talent workshops which helped us to gain lots of Practical Knowledge. I can say with absolute certainty that as a result of everything I mentioned above I have been able to re-invent myself and chisel myself into a more confident individual. SNSCT provides education in the true sense of the word with combined Practical and Theoretical Exposure.”