Counselling Code

Mechatronics Engineering - Program Educational Objectives

  • Gangatharan.V, University Rank - 21

  • Rangavendran.S, University Rank - 17

  • Durga.M, University Rank - 7

  • Udhayakumar.T, University Rank - 6

  • Aravinthkumar.T, Univesity Rank - 2

  • Branch Toppers

  • Team SygNitorS win Best Innovation Award of Rs.25,000 in National Kart Racing Championship held a

  • S.Kingsly Sam Raj win All round performer of the department for the Second Year

  • P.Ajithkumar win All round performer of the department for Third year.

  • Prachi Singh Sengar win All round performer of the department for Final year

  • Sujay.S won Best Out Going student award( 2016-17)

  • Department of Mechatronics Engineering organized an event RoboWar at Texperia'17 

  • Inauguration of SNSCT Robotics club

  • CAD Laboratory

  • PLC and SCADA Laboratory

PEO 1 Graduates will possess requisite skill to solve the complex technical problems.
PEO 2 Graduates will have the capability to use modern engineering tools for product development and deployment.
PEO 3 Graduates will strive towards research and engage in lifelong learning for the career development leading to overall societal benefits.
PEO 4 Graduates will be able to lead a team with the qualities of professional, social and ethical responsibilities.