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Mechatronics Engineering - Program Outcomes

  • Visit to Robotic Center - NUS University, Singapore

  • Visit to NUS University, Singapore

  • TRACTION AWARD (Runner Up) - QBDC'17

  • Innovation Award & Autocross Award, NKRC-1.

  • Best Innovation Award  - NKRC-3

  • The Department of Mechatronics Engineering students had undergone an Industrial Visit to Anna Alu

  • The Department of Mechatronics Engineering organized a “NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON EMERGING T

  • Gangatharan.V, University Rank - 21

  • Rangavendran.S, University Rank - 17

  • Durga.M, University Rank - 7

  • Udhayakumar.T, University Rank - 6

  • Aravinthkumar.T, Univesity Rank - 2

  • Branch Toppers

  • Team SygNitorS win Best Innovation Award of Rs.25,000 in National Kart Racing Championship held a

At the end of the program, graduate will be able to:
PO-a:. Engineering Knowledge    Apply the knowledge of fundamentals in science and engineering to achieve the specialization in solving complex Mechatronics Engineering problems.
PO-b Problem Analysis    Identify, formulate, research and design to conduct experiment for complex engineering problems as well as to analyze and interpret data .
PO-c Design / Development of solutions   Design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as safety, manufacturability and sustainability.
PO-d Conduct Investigations of complex problems    Use research-based knowledge and methods to design experiments and synthesis of the information for providing valid conclusions related to Mechatronics Engineering.
PO-e Modern Tool usage    Create, select and apply appropriate techniques and resources within the use of modern IT tools in Mechatronics Engineering.
PO-f The Engineer and Society    Apply the contextual knowledge in assessing health, safety, legal and cultural issues of the society.
PO-g Environment and Sustainability      Understand the need for sustainable development without harming environmental growth.
PO-h Ethics    Apply ethical principles for the professional growth of society, responsibilities and norms of engineering practice.
PO-i Individual and Team Work    Coordinate and organize professional activities both as an individual and multi functional teams and to develop as a successful entrepreneur in the society.
PO-j Communication     Comprehend and write effective reports and design documentation in making effective presentations for easy understanding.
PO-k Project management and finance   Demonstrate the management skills, financial management principles and techniques individually/collaboratively in project planning and implementation.
PO-l Life-long learning     Recognize importance of pursuing lifelong learning in the broader context of innovation and technological developments.