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Mechatronics Engineering - Facilities

  • Gangatharan.V, University Rank - 21

  • Rangavendran.S, University Rank - 17

  • Durga.M, University Rank - 7

  • Udhayakumar.T, University Rank - 6

  • Aravinthkumar.T, Univesity Rank - 2

  • Branch Toppers

  • Team SygNitorS win Best Innovation Award of Rs.25,000 in National Kart Racing Championship held a

  • S.Kingsly Sam Raj win All round performer of the department for the Second Year

  • P.Ajithkumar win All round performer of the department for Third year.

  • Prachi Singh Sengar win All round performer of the department for Final year

  • Sujay.S won Best Out Going student award( 2016-17)

  • Department of Mechatronics Engineering organized an event RoboWar at Texperia'17 

  • Inauguration of SNSCT Robotics club

  • CAD Laboratory

  • PLC and SCADA Laboratory


  • Mechatronics Engineering

     Uniqueness!!! Yes I am  impresed about how  the education is tailored to the needs of students. The Mechatronics Department team has been employing various strategies with varying degree of satisfaction for the welfare of the students.

  • Mechatronics Engineering

    My overall experience with SNSCT is positive.It is great that being challenged by MECHATRONICS department - commitment to knowledge through critical thinking and creative inquiry, I have no doubt to set and strive for new and higher goals than

  • Mechatronics Engineering

    "Our faculties take a genuine interest in the students and are willing to offer more than their time and assistance.



1. Microprocessor Laboratory
2. Avionics Laboratory
3. Sensors and Signal Processing Laboratory
4. Microcontroller Laboratory
5. Robotics Laboratory
6. PLC and SCADA Laboratory
7. CAD Laboratory
8. Applied Mechatronics Laboratory
9. Library
10. Project Laboratory


S.No Name of the Laboratory Particulars Quantity


CAD Laboratory Computer 41

Department Library

S.No                     Books International Journals National Journals CD/DVD
1. 310 4 2