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Mechatronics Engineering - About the Department

  • Gangatharan.V, University Rank - 21

  • Rangavendran.S, University Rank - 17

  • Durga.M, University Rank - 7

  • Udhayakumar.T, University Rank - 6

  • Aravinthkumar.T, Univesity Rank - 2

  • Branch Toppers

  • Team SygNitorS win Best Innovation Award of Rs.25,000 in National Kart Racing Championship held a

  • S.Kingsly Sam Raj win All round performer of the department for the Second Year

  • P.Ajithkumar win All round performer of the department for Third year.

  • Prachi Singh Sengar win All round performer of the department for Final year

  • Sujay.S won Best Out Going student award( 2016-17)

  • Department of Mechatronics Engineering organized an event RoboWar at Texperia'17 

  • Inauguration of SNSCT Robotics club

  • CAD Laboratory

  • PLC and SCADA Laboratory

About the Department

Mechatronics is a synergistic hybrid field of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, computer engineering and control engineering. Mechatronics is centered on mechanics, electronics, control, software computing, embedded processing, communications, electromagnetism, electro-mechanism, micro- and nano-technologies. The synergy leads to generation of simpler, more economical, reliable and versatile systems.
The department of Mechatronics engineering is an established under graduate programme since 2011. The department consists of qualified staff members as per competency norms of Anna University. The department of Mechatronics engineering has excellent laboratory facilities such as Robotics and CAD/CAM, Microprocessor, Microcontroller, Sensors, Signal Processing, Avionics, PLC & SCADA, Applied Mechatronics laboratories provide an ambiance of learning even beyond the curriculum and involve in research activities to the faculty and students. Autonomous status of the institution is an added advantage to incorporate the latest subjects having great demand in the Industries and Researchcenters.