Counselling Code

Mechanical Engineering - Program Specific Outcomes

  • The Department of Automobile Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering organizing

  • Vijay Aravind.R, University Rank - 30

  • Branch Toppers

  • Best Outstanding Award - K.Ranjithkumar(2013-17)

  • ISTE Best Student Award 2016 - T.Tharoon

  • Metrology lab

  • PG Thermal Lab - VCR Engine

  • CAM Laboratory

  • Twenty Students of Mechanical Engineering have participated in GOKART Event organized by Imperial

  • 24 Students of Mechanical Engineering department  participated in SAE SUPRA event at Noida, Uttar

  • Mechanical Gokart Team 16-17

  • BOG Award - Mr.R.Vijay Aravind, (Batch 2012-2016)

  • Thermal Engineering Lab

  • Mechanical CAD Lab


At the end of this program, graduate will be able to: 


PSO 1:       Apply engineering knowledge and design & analysis tools to solve problems in the domains of structural, thermal and fluid mechanics.

PSO 2:       Engage professionally in industries or as an entrepreneur by applying manufacturing and management practices.