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Information Technology - Program Educational Objectives

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Program Educational Objectives


B.Tech - Information Technology


PEO 1: Graduate will possess core competence in mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals necessary to solve hardware and software engineering problems.

PEO 2: Graduate will excel in the core and allied subjects of IT and use them to comprehend, analyze, design and create novel products and software for real-world problems.

PEO 3: Graduate will exhibit leadership, entrepreneurial and communication skills with the positive impact of technology on mankind. 

PEO 4: Graduate will exercise professionalism with social concern, ethics, and codes of practice.

PEO 5: Graduate will have self-directed and life-long learning to excel in the professional career.


M.Tech - Information Technology

PEO 1:   The graduates of M.Tech Information Technology Program should be able to establish themselves as practicing professionals in Information Technology or sustain a lifelong career in related areas.
PEO 2:   To develop an ability to analyze the requirements, understand the technical specifications, design and provide novel engineering solutions and produce efficient product designs.
PEO 3:   The graduates should be able to communicate effectively as an IT professional with users, peers and higher management.
PEO 4:   To imbibe professional and ethical attitude, and to develop communication skills, team skills, with multi-disciplinary approach and an ability to relate Computer Engineering issues and confront it with social awareness.