Counselling Code

MBA - Program Outcomes



At the end of the program, graduate will be able to:

PO - a

Management Knowledge

develop a firm level of understanding of the key functions of business – accounting, finance, management, marketing, management information systems, the global economy, and operations management.

PO - b

Problem Analysis

integrate core business knowledge and apply that knowledge in the analysis and decisions-making process.

PO - c


Development of solutions

design and construct models, components, or processes as per needs and specifications in the modern business world.

PO - d

Conduct Investigations of complex problems

increase efficiency and proficiency in collecting data, analyze and present appropriate research reports.

PO - e

Modern Tool usage

use the techniques, skills, and modern hardware and software tools necessary for taking and implementing managerial decisions.

PO - f

Management and Society

create an ability to understand professional and social responsibility by identifying and enhancing knowledge in contemporary issues.

PO - g

Environment and Sustainability

create an ability to understand of global environment and its impact on people, businesses and the economy.

PO - h


recognize and address the ethical issues & values prevailing in the business environment.

PO - i

Individual and Team Work

apply conceptual knowledge for good decision making for both individual and group by using case analysis, projects and assignments.

PO - j


implement leadership skills through effective communication.

PO - k

Project management and finance

create an ability to understand the impact of Managerial solutions in a global, economic, environmental, and societal context.

PO - l

Life-long learning

ensure holistic development of students by recognizing the need for, and creating an ability to engage in life-long learning.