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SNS Journal of Finance

SNS Journal of Finance

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SNS Journal of Finance is a noble initiative of SNS College of Technology, Coimbatore and it is a double blind peer reviewed refereed half yearly journal that publishes research papers on a wide variety of topics ranging from corporate to personal finance, insurance to financial economics, and derivatives. It provides a forum for exchange of ideas and techniques among academicians and practitioners in Finance.

The journal aimed to promote thinking on various facets of finance targeted at academicians, research scholars and professionals associated with the field of finance to promote pragmatic research by disseminating the results of research in finance, accounting, financial economics, and sub - areas such as theory and analysis of fiscal market, financial instruments, financial derivatives, banking and financial services, portfolio management, credit and market risk analysis, statistical and empirical financial studies based on advanced stochastic methods and uncertainty in emerging financial markets.


  • Dr.V.P.Arunachalam
  • Dr.S.Chenthur Pandian



  1. The Manuscripts should be in MS-Word format. Manuscripts must be single line spaced, with 1-inch margin with “Times New Roman, Font Size 12, black”.
  2. Two or more referees review all contributions and the review process takes three months. The status would be known after three months of submission of the article.
  3. The Manuscripts should be less than 6000 words. The manuscript should mention the time period in which the research was conducted.
  4. The abstract, followed by relevant keywords and JEL Classification, should not be more than 250 words and should adequately describe the work and highlight its significance.
  5. All tables, charts, graphs, diagrams should be black in color and numbered continuously. The images should be of high resolution and in black and white only.
  6. References should be included at the end of the paper. All the references should be cited in the body of the text. APA reference style should be followed for formatting the reference.
  7. Display formulae and mathematical equations should be numbered serially. Equations should be typewritten and use the form (1).
  8. Footnotes, italics, and quotation marks should be kept to the minimum.
  9. The primary heading should be in capitalized form (Uppercase), and boldface. The sub-headings should be in title- case capitalization (first letter of each word in capital and in bold.
  10. Authors needing assistance should contact The Editor, SNS Journal of Finance, SNS College of Technology, SNS Kalvi Nagar, Saravanampatty, Coimbatore – 641 035, Tamilnadu. Email:



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