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Mechanical and Automation Engineering - About the department

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  • I B.E Mechnical and Automation Engineering Students won prize in 'Wealth out of Waste' competitio

  • Mr. Sriraamshanjiev of first year Mech & Automation received the Best Paper Award.

About the department

The Department of Mechanical and Automation Engineering was established in 2016 at SNS College of Technology (Autonomous) with expert faculty members in the areas of control, CAD/CAM, robotics, and computer vision. Currently, the Department offers B.E. Mechanical and Automation Engineering programmes leading to offer research level courses in the near future. The Department strives to be one of the best departments for educating and conducting research in Mechanical and Automation Engineering. For this purpose, the Department has planned to focus on leading research areas including Robotics and Control, Design and Advanced Manufacturing, Biomedical Devices and Systems, MEMS/Nano/Material Technologies, and Energy Technologies for focused investment and development.