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Automobile Engineering - Vision & Mission

  • Griffin Racing Team of Automobile Engineering participated in National level "Student Kart Design

  • The Department of Automobile Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering organizing

  •  Association Inauguration "VERNIEUWERS"

  • Shagul Raj.R - 4th Year Best Outgoing Students - Nominee

  • Sreeraj.S - 2nd Year Academic Scholarship

  • Santhosh.S - 4th Year Academic Scholarship

  • Leon Dharmadurai.P - Best Out Going Award(2016-17)

  • Hari Haran.M 3rd Year Academic Scholarship

  • Batch 2013-17

  • The Department of Automobile Engineering has participated in  FKDC ( Formula Kart Design Challeng


             Automobile Engineering Department produces professionally competent and responsible engineering graduates with the best-in-class knowledge in vehicle designing, manufacturing, troubleshooting and managerial aspects to meet global demands.


  • To impart outcome based education by inculcating the basic requirements of global automobile sector through Institute-Industry interaction
  • To develop the department as centre for excellence by providing integrated structured modules in learning and research environment reflecting the global research expertise.
  • To elicit the consistent knowledge by promoting higher studies for lifelong learning, employability and entrepreneurship.
  • To imbibe leadership and ethical values by incorporating morals of society.