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Automobile Engineering - Program Outcomes

  • Mr.

  • Mr.

  • Mini Dirt Bike team of Automobile Engineering has received "Mini-Dirt Bike Achievement Award" on

  • Mr.R.Devraj of Final Automobile Engineering received "Best Outstanding Student award" of the depa

  • Mr.B.Adhiban of III Year, Automobile Engineering received "All Round Performer of III Year" among

  • Griffin Racing Team of Automobile Engineering participated in National level "Student Kart Design

  • The Department of Automobile Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering organizing

  •  Association Inauguration "VERNIEUWERS"

  • Shagul Raj.R - 4th Year Best Outgoing Students - Nominee

  • Sreeraj.S - 2nd Year Academic Scholarship

  • Santhosh.S - 4th Year Academic Scholarship

  • Leon Dharmadurai.P - Best Out Going Award(2016-17)

  • Hari Haran.M 3rd Year Academic Scholarship



At the end of the program, graduate will be able to:

a        demonstrate the solution for the complex problem with the aid of mathematics, science and engineering knowledge.


b        identify, formulate, research literature and analyse complex engineering to attain the solution.


c         derive solution and process component to meet the specified needs with context to safety, society, Culture and environment.


d        utilize basic research methodology that includes design, analyse, interpret and synthesize the required data’s to provide valid conclusion.


e         utilize appropriate techniques and modern engineering to work on complex engineering activities.


f          practice professional engineering with context to social, legal and cultural issues.


g        predict the impact of engineering solutions in society and environment and demonstrate the need for sustainable development.


h        commit to professional ethics and principles towards engineering practice.


i          work on team and contribute as individual in multidisciplinary area to reach goal.


j          effectively communicate and receive information with engineering community and society on complex engineering activities.


k        demonstrate engineering and management principles and has potential to manage the activity with respect to financial aspect.


l          recognize the need for preparation to engage in independent and lifelong learning in context to broad technological change.