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Automobile Engineering - About the department

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  • Mini Dirt Bike team of Automobile Engineering has received "Mini-Dirt Bike Achievement Award" on

  • Mr.R.Devraj of Final Automobile Engineering received "Best Outstanding Student award" of the depa

  • Mr.B.Adhiban of III Year, Automobile Engineering received "All Round Performer of III Year" among

  • Griffin Racing Team of Automobile Engineering participated in National level "Student Kart Design

  • The Department of Automobile Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering organizing

  •  Association Inauguration "VERNIEUWERS"

  • Shagul Raj.R - 4th Year Best Outgoing Students - Nominee

  • Sreeraj.S - 2nd Year Academic Scholarship

  • Santhosh.S - 4th Year Academic Scholarship

  • Leon Dharmadurai.P - Best Out Going Award(2016-17)

  • Hari Haran.M 3rd Year Academic Scholarship

About the department


The department of Automobile Engineering was established in the year 2013 with an aspiration to create globally competitive and qualified Automobile Engineers. Automobile Engineering is a branch of engineering which deals with designing, manufacturing and troubleshooting of automobiles. The study includes the multidisciplinary research areas such as Electrical, Electronics, Mechanical and Material Science.


The field of automobile plays the key role in the industrial sector and causes the significant impact on providing job opportunities to the deserved automobile engineers. It also provides the opportunity to emerge as an entrepreneur to supply equipment and components for OEM’s.


Our curriculum is designed in such a way that it would help the budding engineers to tailor themselves with respect to the recent developments and requirements in automotive industry and research areas of automobile engineering. The department is equipped with Automotive Electrical Laboratory, Engine Testing and Emission Laboratory, Vehicle Maintenance and Reconditioning lab, Automobile Systems Lab, Thermal Systems and Heat Transfer Laboratory to improve the practical knowledge of systems. In addition to the main library, the department library is also facilitated to develop the students’ knowledge with large collections of technical books and periodical journals related to Automobile Engineering.


A team of well qualified and dedicated faculty members with knowledge in the multidisciplinary area leads the department and its associated activities. Apart from regular teaching learning activities, the department caters the domain knowledge through organising various guest lectures, workshops, conferences in the Automobile Engineering field. The experts from reputed Automobile Engineering industries are regularly invited for programmes and students benefitted from knowledge sharing sessions.


Under Vernieuwers Student club, Research and Development club, 8 Mini Bike team, 2 Go-Kart teams and 1 Baja team comprising of highly talented students participated in the various competition conducted by reputed institution and brought honour to the college. Apart from this, every student is motivated to do independent research on subject-related areas and one of our student’s research project got eligibility for seed money grant at our college level. As a contribution from faculty members, 6 journals have been published in high indexing international journals.