Counselling Code

Automobile Engineering

  • Shagul Raj.R - 4th Year Best Outgoing Students - Nominee

  • Sreeraj.S - 2nd Year Academic Scholarship

  • Santhosh.S - 4th Year Academic Scholarship

  • Leon Dharmadurai.P - Best Out Going Award(2016-17)

  • Hari Haran.M 3rd Year Academic Scholarship

  • Batch 2013-17

  • The Department of Automobile Engineering has participated in  FKDC ( Formula Kart Design Challeng

  • Manufacturing Technology Laboratory


  • Automobile Engineering

     The academic journey at SNSCT has been full of rigor and challenges. It has not only given us the knowledge we needed, the skills we required but also a wonderful platform for getting into the Industry.

  • Automobile Engineering

     I am exhilarated with my decision to pursue  B.E Automobile course at SNSCT. The Automobile Department provides the platform for enriching my knowledge and skills which is required for my life.

  • Automobile Engineering

    The experience at SNSCT over the last two years was wonderful. The quality of education imparted and experience of faculty is unprecedented.

  • Automobile Engineering

    SNSCT has given me the best platform of knowledge, values and skills which are essential in this competitive world.

  • Automobile Engineering

    SNSCT provides wonderful platform for the students to excel in their talents and capability.

Traits of the Department

  • The Department has qualified and experienced faculty members graduated from reputed institutions.
  • It is equipped with excellent infrastructure and laboratory facilities to impart knowledge to the students.
  • The Students are encouraged to do projects by visiting the automobile and related industries.
  • The Department provides additional training to the students to improve communication skills and value added programs to enhance the quality of the student’s to greater extend. 
  • The Department organises the workshop, seminar, guest lecture`s through the Technical association of the Department.
  • The Department in collaboration with various service centers and industries in and around coimbatore, sends the students for placement via training.