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Automobile Engineering

  •  Association Inauguration "VERNIEUWERS"

  • Shagul Raj.R - 4th Year Best Outgoing Students - Nominee

  • Sreeraj.S - 2nd Year Academic Scholarship

  • Santhosh.S - 4th Year Academic Scholarship

  • Leon Dharmadurai.P - Best Out Going Award(2016-17)

  • Hari Haran.M 3rd Year Academic Scholarship

  • Batch 2013-17

  • The Department of Automobile Engineering has participated in  FKDC ( Formula Kart Design Challeng


  • Automobile Engineering

     The academic journey at SNSCT has been full of rigor and challenges. It has not only given us the knowledge we needed, the skills we required but also a wonderful platform for getting into the Industry.

  • Automobile Engineering

     I am exhilarated with my decision to pursue  B.E Automobile course at SNSCT. The Automobile Department provides the platform for enriching my knowledge and skills which is required for my life.

  • Automobile Engineering

    The experience at SNSCT over the last two years was wonderful. The quality of education imparted and experience of faculty is unprecedented.

  • Automobile Engineering

    SNSCT has given me the best platform of knowledge, values and skills which are essential in this competitive world.

  • Automobile Engineering

     SNSCT (Automobile Department) was one of the best things that happened to me. Learning at SNSCT was fun and frolic. The academic course and faculty here are of superior standards.

Traits of the Department

  • The Department has qualified and experienced faculty members graduated from reputed institutions.
  • It is equipped with excellent infrastructure and laboratory facilities to impart knowledge to the students.
  • The Students are encouraged to do projects by visiting the automobile and related industries.
  • The Department provides additional training to the students to improve communication skills and value added programs to enhance the quality of the student’s to greater extend. 
  • The Department organises the workshop, seminar, guest lecture`s through the Technical association of the Department.
  • The Department in collaboration with various service centers and industries in and around coimbatore, sends the students for placement via training.